*Not all foods listed here are certified gluten free, they are simply made without gluten containing ingredients. You'll need to decide for yourself what foods you are comfortable eating.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


There are a lot of gluten free cookies on the market and many of them aren't so great. But these ones...they live up to their name of WOW! They are so good. Chewy, great texture, and amazing taste. You will say WOW! They do have dairy & eggs so we don't eat them a lot, but they are a fun treat every now and then. The oatmeal is our favorite. I've tried snicker doodle & chocolate chip and they were pretty tasty as well. Fred Meyer has the best price on them at about $1.80 each I think. I saw them at PCC last week and they were almost $3.00 each! Wherever you get them, you'll love 'em:)

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