*Not all foods listed here are certified gluten free, they are simply made without gluten containing ingredients. You'll need to decide for yourself what foods you are comfortable eating.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


When I first found out I couldn't have gluten the first thing I thought was, "Oh No! What am I going to eat for breakfast?" I was thrilled to find some cereals that are sold in general grocery stores that are gluten free. Fruity & Cocoa Pebbles are both made without gluten containing ingredients! While they might not be too healthy, they are a really fun treat. They also work great for rice crispy treats!
General Mills has jumped on the gluten free bandwagon and are now making their Honey, Corn, Rice, & Chocolate Chex all to be gluten free! Also great to use for homemade Chex Mix!
EnviroKidz makes some really great tasting cereals that taste a lot like some of the non-gluten free cereals. The peanut butter Panda Puffs are one of our families favorites. You can buy them at most grocery stores in the natural food section.

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