*Not all foods listed here are certified gluten free, they are simply made without gluten containing ingredients. You'll need to decide for yourself what foods you are comfortable eating.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

2 Costco Favs

 These may not be super healthy (but they aren't super bad either) and they are perfect for those rushed nights when we need a quick dinner (or lunch!). Both of my kids love them and they are gluten free. I buy them at Costco in the freezer section and I think they are around $10 for a giant box that lasts us a few months. 
And I am THRILLED that they have this hummus. They got rid of the Meza hummus earlier this summer and I was so sad because it was by far our families favorite. I tried a few of the new ones they got to replace it and wasn't really a fan of any of them. Today I spotted this, the same looking design and package but a new name. I brought it home and crossed my fingers as I took my first bite and YAHOO- it tastes just like the Meza hummus! Small things thrill me these days:) 

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