*Not all foods listed here are certified gluten free, they are simply made without gluten containing ingredients. You'll need to decide for yourself what foods you are comfortable eating.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Tav

 We went to Ellensburg last week to celebrate our 9 year anniversary (it's where we met) and Kevin was dying to go to The Tav, on old college favorite. I assumed I'd be having some lemonade and watching him eat one of their famously amazing burgers. MUCH to my surprise they had gluten free buns, fries (made in a dedicated fryer) and gluten free beer (and they make them in a dedicated part of the kitchen to avoid cross contamination). To say I was in heaven was an understatment. It was hands down the best gf bun/burger I'd ever had. We will be going back to eat here for sure! 

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  1. Too cool. Although the Tav always was pretty cool. Let's go! :)